Friday, 12 May 2017

[APK] Clash of Clans v9.24.2 apk 22 May 2017 Download

Today I wanted to go over with you guys everything that we should be expecting in the upcoming update. As all of you probally already know, its expected to be huge and possibly be a game changer in Clash of Clans v9.24.2 apk So anyways the first thing we should be expecting is a

New game mode; other videos on it; but basically 2 of my favourite ideas are coliseum battle where its basically a challenge between 2 players. Where they take turns attacking each others chosen base, it could be a war base or whatever they choose. Basically 
Clash of Clans v9.24.2 apk 1 base from there 6 available bases. 

Then they each get to train up an army that will be immediately ready to use, then they each get a turn at attacking the others base. Then the one with the most stars, highest percentage or quickest 3 star wins a nice loot bonus or some other reward.

Or the Clash of Clans v9.24.2 apk game mode idea, where its virtually the same thing except each player attacks a supercell made base aka a goblin base and the same rules apply as before.
There was also a boom beach thing where the whole clan attacks a massive base but I explained that in a recent video so I wont go over it again.

We will also be receiving some new achievements to unlock that come along with this new game mode, some pictures of this have already been released about an achievement called “un-build it”

I think supercell will also be adjusting the war matchmaking system on 
Clash of Clans v9.24.2 apk , to create more balanced wars, along with trying to eradicate the engineered bases. By ranking attacking power higher, over the defence structures. So you will be matched more likely by your troop and heroes levels, and less on your defence levels. 

Download Clash of Clans v9.24.2 apk May 2017 Update

File name: com.supercell.clashofclans_v9.24.2.apk
Version: 9.24.2
Uploaded: 22 May 2017
File size: 68.62 MB
Minimum Android version: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15)
MD5: 18733fce3d63df201872b2da29c70c41
SHA1: 633160ebe2a42688849cf22277f6c42e41863c09
Direct Download link :  Download Clash of Clans v9.24.2 apk
Note: Due to many requests I switched the order from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

Teaser Video #3 (May 11th, 2017)

The third out of five teaser videos just got released and it shows the Hog Rider being bored on the boat.
It doesn’t show anything new (but I didn’t expect anything after the discussion of the past days, see below), guess we have to prepare ourself to have some more boring days without any information in front of us 🙁

Update Planned For May & 3 More Teaser Videos Coming (May 11th, 2017)

Yesterday’s statement did start several parts of the community predicting that the update is not planned for May at all (see below), so twister did confirm that the update was planned to be released in May and still is.
clash of clans update will be in may 2017

Also, the page where you can sign up for SMS notification when the update gets released has now extended sign up until May 15th plus, when scrolling down, showing the upcoming teaser videos that we can expect:
captains log teaser videos clash of clans

Unlike the chinese website claimed, it won’t be 7 videos in total, it will be 5:
  1. Captain’s Log #1: So Far, So Good
  2. Captain’s Log #2: Do You Think They’ll Like Me?
  3. Captain’s Log #3: Time Is Ticking
  4. Captain’s Log #4: Sing A Happy Song (Not Released Yet)
  5. Captain’s Log #5: What’s That On The Horizon (Not Released Yet)
I don’t think it will be a big surprise when I predict that we will see Teaser #3 either today or tomorrow and the other two one next week.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

I haven't got any Legendary card even Once [When will you get ?]

We all know Legendary cards are rare. This is by design! 

Legendary Cards have to be hard to find, that’s what makes them so Legendary. 

But understanding their desirability, we’ve created varied opportunities for finding these game changers. The only ways to earn Legendaries are through: 

-    Any Chest in the game 
-    Legendary Chests (with guaranteed 1 Legendary) are available via Battle or Shop 
-    Increasing the amount of Legendaries available in-game, giving players better chances of receiving them 

If you haven’t received one yet, just be patient. One of these opportunities will turn up soon! For more information, please visit our official  Clash Royale Blog! 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Clash OF Clans : The cheap and Best army For Clash of Clans To Push Trophies And For Loot, Apk

With every New Update supercell gives us the best experience of playing clash of clans and with every update the game becomes better and hard too so, we are here to help you with your attacking army strategy. With this special army built for TH 7 And TH 8 you can win and push your league every player you see in the masters league has tried this and rated one of the best army plan to push trophies and to raise your elixir and coins. This is personally tested by me so guys eventually i Didnt name this type of army You Can keep your name which suits you and your army. This is the best army plan ever i had, the best army strategy of 2017.

 # About The Army Plan '

This army is for TH 8 Players Who Are struggling for trophies and much of loot. I can ensure you that if you attack with this plan step by step correctly with your troops then you definitely 3 star any th 8. This Army Costs 181,000 Elixir. 

This Army consists of :

1. Giants- Giants are the most adorable troop for this army you need 20 of that to make that attack succeed  

2. The Wizards-  Wizards are Also the most essential role playing troop for this type of army also this troop gives a flashy damage behind the giants. You Need 20 Of That For this attack

3. The Archers- This also plays a vital role for this type of attack and you need 20 of that too 

4. The Healing Spell- Withot this you can not with stand in the battle ground If you need to three star a base you need this spell on your troops. You Need Three Of them For this attack

# How To Attack

First of all look for the weakest point in the opponents base then See for the giant bomb if you think that the giant bomb is there then drop one archer near that to check so that it can be exploded by one of your archers and your giants are saved then drop 20 of the giants at a point where you like followed by the archer so that other than defense buildings near them can be destroyed so that when you deploy wiz and barbarian king they goes in the walls rather than spreading out on the base once the wiz in the walls of the enemy base then keep a look on them and drop healing spells time to time to make them healed. Then BOOOOOM!!!! You Win That Attack for sure and can three star that base but keep one thing in mind that to follow steps correctly and practice more before you can try this at your war. ENJOY......

Hope You Like That strategy. Keep visiting Us day By Day for new updates on Clash of Clans And Clash Royale. Dont Forget to share it with your friends and if you have any queries feel free to ask us down in the comment box we will reply you ASAP.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

[APK] Clash of Clans March 2017 apk Update Download

Now you can download Clash of Clans apk march 2017 cos apk march update which is going to be available soon here.You can download it directly for the direct link of Clash of Clans 2017 March apk.

The Clash of Clans team approaches game balance by looking at attack stats and playtesting gameplay changes. As outlined by our design values, regular balancing updates help keep the game fun and interesting!

In this balancing update, we're giving some love to lesser-used troops and further developing the TH11 air game. In the meanwhile, the Clash of Clans team is hard at work on a massive update - coming soon!
  • NEW: Air defense level 9 (TH 11)
  • Air Defense levels 4-8 upgrade cost and time decreased

With high-level air armies gaining traction, it's finally time to release a VIVIDLY colored TH11 Air Defense.
  • Wall level 12 limit increased by 25 (TH11)
More level 12 Walls means more options for defending TH11 layouts!
  • Hog Rider levels 5-7 hitpoints increased
  • Miner hitpoints increased (all levels)
Whether as first-strike or support units, both Hog Rider and Miner will enjoy some survivability improvements with this HP boost.
  • Dragon levels 4-6 damage increased
  • P.E.K.K.A levels 3-5 damage increased
The challenging task of getting these high-level power-hitters to your prize target will be all the sweeter with these damage buffs!
  • Witch spawning rate increased
A regular member of our balancing updates, the Witch is now getting a boost to what makes her the Witch - spawning skeletons, and LOTS of them.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Clash Royale: legendary Arena (No executioner)

Uplifting news (I believe), I'm back! I will begin posting guides substantially more consistently once more. Not as routinely as some time recently, but rather still expect perhaps 1 direct every 3-4 days. At any rate, Ima discuss a deck that just thudded into my mind a moment in the wake of joining my second fight smash challenge (initial one I ran 10-3 with the meta monster killer fireball-tornado, I suck) and set up it together and flew by the fight slam challenge, going 8-0, yet later on, players really got the hang of the fight smash and I wound up going to 11-2. In any case, I pulled of the champ takes every one of the marbles diversion and finished 12-2! Take note of this isn't fabulous, however great. I'd do great, yet I have a wretched 4 jewels atm. In any case, the best thing about this deck is 1) it has mineworker, and 2) NO EXECUTIONER!!!!!!!!! That is correct, a no killer 12 win deck! I at present don't have entry to giving verification, yet I guarantee that I pulled of the 12. You've presumably observed a cluster of fight smash decks at this point, yet I guarantee you, this is a deck you will love! You wanna see the deck? Continue perusing to discover!  


 Miner: Your principle win condition. Depend on this to chip down the tower gradually a tiny bit at a time. Fireball in addition to excavator can without much of a stretch yet gradually chip down a tower more than 6 minutes time, yet ensure your fireballs are commendable. Not being a customary control/rhythm blaze player, I in some cases chip at the tower with solitary mineworkers and esteem fireballs, however I want to counterpush. I for the most part have a go at setting up a strong safeguard with my troops, and depend on the surviving ones to get in some chip harm by securing them with an excavator. In any case, much the same as with any deck and fight circumstance, ensure you don't overcommit, particularly with a deck like this where overpowering your rival isn't your solid suit.  

Electro Wizard: Electro wizard is presently one of my staple cards in a ton of my competition standard decks. The way that it can't be fireballed just makes it a lot more solid. In addition, my musketeer and wizard are both lvl 6 and my ice wizard falls prey in this meta, my killer is lvl 2, so why not simply run the one bolster card (aside from bowler) I have adequate? The shock impact likewise comes grasp in digger decks. On the off chance that you need the tower to focus on some other troop, the ewiz can now and then assist with that! Electro wizard additionally offers awesome capacities on guard by closing down bolster troops like uber crony, and notwithstanding moderating huge amounts of harm from tanks (however ewiz versus tanks isn't an ideal cautious alternative).  
The Log: In stepping stool, zap is my companion. In difficulties/competitions, the log is stapled into every one of my decks (unless I run tornado). The log offers so much esteem and even before it came into meta, I could understand its potential. It won't target anyplace in the field. Be that as it may, things being what they are, it has the biggest target zone in the diversion. having the capacity to wipe out shabby ground swarm troops from the back of the tower the distance to the scaffold. A zap can't do that! The log offers heaps of adaptability in general and can give colossal positive remedy exchanges!  
Minions: Minions have now turned out to be one of my most loved cards in the diversion! Notwithstanding it's powerlessness to spells, it is amazingly adaptable, an incredible reaction card, and offers some unbelieveable counterpushing capacities, particularly with a mineworker deck. Flunkies are awesome on barrier, strong on offense, and can be bolstered exceptionally well, regardless of whether it be offense or safeguard. In the event that you sit tight for a killer to bolt onto your primary protection, you can then place the flunkies at an alternate point from the principle guarded unit and the cronies can without much of a stretch counter a killer unscathed! You can then bolster it with a card, for example, fight slam or mineworker for a solid counterpush 
Gaurds: An extremely underrated card in the current meta, the gatekeepers give awesome esteem! It's shields make it a half-respectable plug to the OP killer. They can counter various win conditions successfully, alleviating heaps of harm that would some way or another get past. Watches synergize exceptionally well on offense with the fight smash and mineworker and furthermore to a great degree dependable on safeguard combined with an inferno tower or electro wizard. On the off chance that you don't utilize this card, I'd propose try it attempt! You'll be shocked at how valuable it is.  
 Inferno Tower: Just like Pompeyo, that one card I'd take a stab at putting into each deck I utilize would be inferno tower. At whatever point I would, I be able to thud this brute of a guarded building directly into my deck! It's dependability is crazy and the adequacy in taking out tanks is incredible! The best thing is the manner by which adjusted and successful it is generally speaking, particularly when appropriately upheld. Notwithstanding cemetery, electro wizard, and inferno tower's effectively distractable and resetting capacities, this card still outflanks such a large number of other cautious choices in the amusement. I want to combine this card with electro wizard to frame a crazy cautious combo. On the off chance that the electro wiz survives, I run for a counterpush with either protects, digger, or fight slam.  
 Fireball: A super flexible spell, the fireball is awesome at slaughtering of bolster troops, squishy troops like savages, and furthermore compelling at debilitating troops like killer and tip top brutes. You can simply fireball the tower for chip harm AS LONG AS you get some kind of significant worth off of it (e.g, fireball the tower in addition to a unit that expenses 3+ remedy). Don't generally do this, however just when you know you're in the safe. The fireball is quite recently general truly helpful, and in this meta, exceptionally solid (for murdering/debilitating backings behind tanks like goliath).  

 Battle Ram: The last and clear card in the deck, the fight smash. I'm going to be straightforward, this card starting at now doesn't appear to be a lot of a risk. Be that as it may, it can be powerful when utilized as a part of the correct circumstance, at the ideal time, and in the correct way. I've gotten huge amounts of harm from utilizing this card appropriately on offense. Despite what might be expected, I've gotten bunches of significant worth shockingly on protection too utilizing this card! The savages flying out are incredible at closing down bolster troops and squishy troops like little pekka. It isn't the best decision, yet when important, certainly utilize this card on protection versus cards like the ones I specified. On offense, a fight slam took off alone arrangements monstrous harm. I don't know precisely how much, but rather I've possessed the capacity to assume control 1000 harm of a tower notwithstanding when the rival took a stab at countering the fight smash (however with a poor counter). Generally speaking, the fight slam is kind of like the tornado, it has potential and extremely valuable and dependable mechanics that haven't been completely found yet.  

Advantages and disadvantages 


- Great versus Lava Hound  
- Strong versus Giant Lightning  
- Great versus hoard rider  
- Many playstyles joined (counterpushing, guarded/smolder, and quick cycling)  
- When played effectively and with great hands, can counter pretty much any deck  
- An exceptionally adaptable deck  


- Very exact troop situation required versus killer  
- Letting too huge of a push get past without having enough solution to control it can destroy  
- Not extremely solid at combacks, so barrier before offense is an absolute necessity  
- Overcommitting can be extremely rebuffing!  
- Weak to high sprinkle decks 
- Average versus Spell Bait (terrible hand verse it can without much of a stretch cost you the diversion)   

General Gameplan  

Essentially, you just wanna gradually wear down the tower with excavator. Be that as it may, the deck is extraordinary at counterpushing and when done appropriately, you can pulverize your rival with counterpushes with fight smash, mineworker, monitors, and so forth. On resistance, your primary alternative is inferno tower and than bolster it with the proper unit, regardless of whether it be troops or spells, so you can effectively guard. Ensure troop situation versus killer is exact so

troops like gatekeepers or followers can complete a killer or bowler off when they're occupied on an alternate troop. I'm not going to really expound because of time deficiency and the way that I'm taking a shot at three different aides in the meantime. Yet, that is essentially it on the off chance that you wanna figure out how to play the deck from a restricted comprehension.  


 So I trust this deck will help you prevail in the fight slam competition without utilizing killer and experimenting with some underused and underrated cards like watchmen. This is it for my guide. I as a rule do basic matchups, however truly, the main thing I confront in fight smash test is either hoard rider or goliath lightning/fireball killer, or whatever other tank + killer, and the occassional memorial park. I trust you've found a strong fight smash deck and see you in the field!