Monday, 4 January 2016

[Guide] Download Clash Royale for Mac OS X Easy Method [Updated]


Now You can Download and Play Clash Royale on Mac OS by using genymotion without blue stack or youwave android emulator for mac.Genymotion is best Android apps and games emulator.

There are many players wanna play this amazing game on their Mac. So in this post, I will show you how to play Clash Royale on Mac OS X step-by-step. This is the easiest and simplest method of playing Clash Royale on Mac book,Mac Book Pro,or I Mac

You can install Bluestacks on Mac, but you can’t install Clash of roayle on Mac PC

Method 1

Play Clash Royale on Mac using Bluestatcks

Methods 2:

Play clash royale on mac without bluestacks.

#How to install and play Clash Royale on Mac OS X

1. Download Genymotion (you will need to create an account):

Genymotion Official Download

2. Install Genymotion (you do not need to install Genymotion Shell)

3. Download and install VirtualBox: VirtualBox Official Download

4. Download Google Play Store OVA here: Google Play OVA

5. Run Virtual Box

6. Go to File > Import Appliance and import the OVA file

7. Close VirtualBox, run Genymotion, and double click on genymotion_vbox to run the virtual device

8. Open the Google Play Store

9. Search and download Clash royale (you will need to log into or create a new Google Play account)

10. Clash royale will now be installed on the virtual device

You can continue your existing Clash Royale game by signing into your Google account


  1. It's not even released on the android market!

  2. not compatible with recommended device model and version

    1. Seriously? Buy a new pc?

    2. I am talking about the device on emulator ! :p

  3. It is not released for the Android Market for the S4 4.3 device and i tried the S4 4.4 device and after installing everything it stopped working

  4. I tried it now with S5 & S6 and all failed

  5. It works fine with a few problems for me. first, it kicks me out to the phone homepage in the middle of the game. it takes ten seconds to re-enter the match so I lose. it happens nearly every two matches. Secondly, most of the time there is no sound but sometimes it starts with the sound. In addition, when I launch virtual device from genymotion it says: "genymotion and virtual device versions do not match. genymotion:2.7.2 virtual device: 1.3.0. I appreciate any help. thank you.

  6. How did you find the game in the play store? Thanks in advance

    1. Just login to play store and search clash royale in it.