Sunday, 17 January 2016

[Strategy] Best Clash Royale Troop Combination To Increase Trophies and wins Battles


Today we are going to show you best clash royale troop combination of 2016 and how to increase trophy in clash royale games drastically and win almost every battle by using these troop combination in your clash royale deck  cards.This latest Strategy is shared by reddit user thanks to spladox for this unbeatable deck card troop combination.

So below are the best troop combination that you can take with you in almost every battle.And get 1000+ trophies which in short period of time.

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#Best Troops card Combination of Clash Royale

Self explanatory, extremely versatile card which can be used in many situations. Used against Minion Hordes, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, mass Spear Goblins & sometimes against towers.

Minion Hordes

This card is very strong! Fast and do an incredible amount of damage. Avoid dropping them when there is wizard, he one shot the hordes. Great against cards that have lots of HP like Giants, Babarians, Giant Skeleton, Pekka. They are also great at taking down buildings like Xbow, Inferno tower.


The main star of this deck! I will usually drop the Xbow together with something that can protect it. Some combo I use is Xbow + Babarians & Xbow + Inferno Tower beside it. From my experience, dropping Xbow itself have very little effectiveness unless you know your opponent is low on elixir.


My favourite distracting card! This card extremely good at buying you time. Place it in the middle to distract cards like Prince, Giant Skeleton, Hog Riders etc. Utilising this card well is crucial!! The time bought can save you the game!


High HP + decent damage. Nuff said.

6.Spear Goblins

A low cost card with decent damage. Great as both a distraction unit or supporting unit. I use this as a support card against Baby Dragon.

7.Inferno Tower

There is a reason why everyone is using this card. Extremely good defensive building. Always have one Inferno Tower up every time.

8.Hog Riders

With buildings being so popular now, this is an awesome card to deal with them! They go straight to buildings ignoring all troops. Fast, high damage & able to hop over river! They are not only great at getting buildings down but also great at damaging towers. This card have saved me countless time at the last moment destroying enemy tower.

If you have any idea on how to improve deck feel free to let me know! There are some cards that i wish to try out but i don't have are the Freeze & Lightning Spells.