Thursday, 7 January 2016

Top 10 Best Clash Royale Tips to win Wars


Hello! fellow Royalers We is back with another Top 10 best Clash royale Tips and trick to win wars easily.Just follow below guide to make you royale kingdom Power full with selecting Cards wisely.


#Top 10 Best Clash Royale Tips and Tricks

1.Let your opponent attacks first.So that you can counter attack him. For example, If he uses the Knight or the Mini P.E.K.K.A, you can easily deal with that by using the Skeleton Army. If he throws the Goblin Barrel on your Defense, you can use the Arrows card right before it hits your defense for minimizing the damage.

2.Don’t waste your Elixir! Wait for a while to for cooking your best card then only attack opponents base in this case yor power full troops is alreasy cooked and all other troops with low power will works as distraction.

3.Don’t use all your Elixir in 1 turn. If you want to use all your Elixir to take down 1 tower, your opponent can take the advantage and destroy your entire base. Always have a backup plan!

4.Always have at least 1 card in your Desk that can be used for stalling. I have seen dozens of times when both sides waiting for the opponent. During this time, you need to have cards for stalling when it starts approaching 10 Elixir. Being maxed out Elixir is such a waste that we all don’t like that.

5.Always take variety of troops card with your it helps you to tackle against any attack by opponent.

6.Join a Clan to speed up your card upgrading progress by asking for donations. You will get lots of helps there.

7.Don’t upgrade troops If you are not using them.Always upgrade that card with max power and which can do max destruction.
8.Sometimes, you lose the battle but it is not because you have bad cards, you just have a problem with your troop composition. Watching the replays of top players is always a perfect way to learn and fix your problem.
9.We all hate the losing spree but just don’t get disheartened. Be 
patient and do it slowly. Always change your strategy If you feel like you are doing something wrong. Refresh your army composition!

10.You don’t need to deal with every troop. Like the example above, sometimes you don’t need to care about them because they just can’t do anything. Sometimes, just let your tower to deal with the enemy troops and take 50 damage.