Wednesday, 17 February 2016

[Tip] Best way to Get Gold in Clash Royale Faster Unlimited ?


Clash royale is just an another game by supercell it is available for both android and iOS device.Once you started playing clash royale you start knowing the value of Gold in Clash royale all the troops upgrade only from gold coins and as you can't earn gold by Attacking in multiple.There are only to ways by which you can get gold for free.


The First one is by  opening Wooden Chest, Silver Chest, Golden Chest and Crown Chest that is bit easier. Attempt to open them whenever you can by playing a few battles in game everyday to take all that easy and sweet money.

and the second one is By donating cards to your clan player you will get 5 gold coins for every Common card and 50 Gold for every rare card and the maximum donating limit is 60 cards per day that means you can earn 300 gold daily.If you want unlimited gold coins them make two accounts, could you keep donating cards to each other.

So through this way you get earn gold coin easily for free faster.