Thursday, 4 February 2016

[Top] Best Clash Royale Defense Deck Card Combinations Strategy


To becoming a war hero as a attacker is not much you have to be hero in defence also.If your defence is weak the chance are very high that you may loose before you can get a single star from your best troop combination by attacking on your opponent base, So today we are going to share best strategy for defence in clash royale.
Basically in this strategy we are going to defend of base as much as possible and attack down opponents base by Fireball and rockets.Below is the Best Defence Deck card collection.

#How to use Best Defence Battle Deck :

1.Always wait to get full elixir before acting on your opponent( dont attact first )

2.Firstly deploy Goblin Hut near tower and then deploy Cannon to defend opponent troops.

3.Now its time to use Rocket Or Fireball  to takedown opponents towers.

4.Afetr is deploy Teslas.Till than your exiled will get time to refill.

5.Now wait to get full elixir again and then deply Inferno Tower
and in the end deploy Bomb Tower.

6.At last defeat your opponents with Rocket And Fireball