Friday, 25 March 2016

How to change text color in Clash Royale Chat,Bold,Italic


Today we are going to show you how you can type on Text in multi colour on Clash Royale Text,IN Bold text and Italic.This trick is really simply guys this trick in basically based on hex codes.You just have to type the following code and then Type your sentence in between.

So without further a do lets start the guide on How to change Color of the Text Chat in Clash Royale.

#Changing Color of Chat text 

So basically type the follow code in your chat box and hit enter.

code:   <chexcode> Your Message </c>

for eg.

     <cff0000> Hello Clash Roayle </c>


  Hello Clash royale

So You just have to change the hex code on there color and boom your text color will be like that.

Here I am providing hex code of some basic colours.

1.Red : ff000
2.Blue: 0066ff
3.Purple :5f00c3
4.Dark Green: 4e8539
5.Light Green :00ff04
6.Yellow : edc613
7Brown: 957123
8.Pink :da70d6