Friday, 4 March 2016

Spent Gems accidentally on clash Royale Can I Get it back ?


The most worst thing that can be happened with us is spending gems accidentally and then regretting for it.So is there any way by which we can get back our gems which was spent accidentally.According to supercell they explain below guidelines.


By adding intuitive confirmation steps, we’ve done everything we can to limit accidental purchases from the game. When making a purchase with Gems, you will always be notified, and asked to proceed before spending any actual Gems. This has done very well in limiting such instances.

Because Clash Royale is a live, online multiplayer game, reversing changes would have adverse effects on other players you've interacted with. As we can’t turn back anyone's in-game progress, or remove features, providing this refund would put you in a privileged position, which we see as unfair to other players who earned the same item or upgrade through their own Gems or gameplay.

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