Monday, 4 April 2016

Best* Deck with Goblin Barrel in Clash Royale


We are going to show you best troop combination with Goblin barrel card in it.If you have Goblin barrel card in your deck then i am pretty sure that you will get best troop combination that is unbeatable every time in both attack and defence mode.
So lets check out some best deck with goblin barrel in clash royale.
The Goblin Barrel Deck #1

In this deck, Goblin Barrel gets combined with Freeze Spell. This is one of my favorite combo and it’s pretty deadly If done properly. Obviously the main weakness of Goblin Barrel is that it can be easily countered by Arrows and Fireball. That’s why we have Minion Horde in this deck. The main use of Minion Horde in this deck is for bailing Arrows/Fireball out so you can use Goblin Barrel safely. Minion Horde is also extremely effective at dealing with tankers, Hog, Balloon and defensive buildings (which can target only ground units).

Ash gave us a perfect battle at 2600+ trophies for example in the video below. You can also learn a lot of tricks inside!

The Goblin Barrel Deck #2

And this is our second Goblin Barrel deck with the help of Balloon and Elixir Collector. After the March 23 update, people have been using Balloon as lot as Balloon’s HP got increased by 5%.

Elixir Collector is definitely one of the hottest cards right now. It’s an extremely deadly card as it lasts for 70 seconds, which gives you 7 Elixir in total within its life. This card is very very helpful at late game as it helps you rush attacks easier. Sometimes, you can use this card on defense because of its very high HP. I think it’s the best card in this meta game.