Monday, 4 July 2016

Join Clash Royale Password Protected Tournament [Trick !]


In this trick I will show you how to join password protected Tournament without knowing the password.Its kind a guess trick or we can say hit and trial method we all know it is very hard to find open tournament on clash royale.I tested ou one of the link shared on Stack overflow on How to find open tournament in clash royale and Yes i can say that that trick also works Kudo to the finder !

But in this trick I will tell you simple hack through which we can join password protected tournament clans also.Note that there is no master password of any tournament.

#How to join password protected Tournament Trick !

What you have to do is try out the top 10 password given below

   Rank Password
1 123456
2 password
3 12345
4 12345678
5 qwerty
6 123456789
7 1234
8 baseball
9 dragon
10 letmein
I am not just giving you this trick without trying it.I tested out and able to join in some of the clans but yeah it just a matter of luck I tried it and got success on 5th try with password "123".

So try this trick right now and tell us which password works of you !


  1. My husband loves playing this game, will show him these tricks and to my colleagues from smart writing service, these clash royal game is really exciting and unpredictable.

  2. Tournament password
    Find Sesh Royales tournament password in the clan chat, fist tournament of many to come this weekend. Find us at #22UGGRCL

  3. You can also put the clan name in. I did that for a random tournament and got in.

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