Saturday, 2 July 2016

[News] Clash Royale July All Sneak Peak Updates !


Hello royalers are you all ready for a how new cards and stages in the new upcoming clash royale july update 2016.Clash royale just announce some awesome new sneak peaks of the coming update let's check out the some of them below.You can download clash royal july update ask as soon as it is released.

1.New Arena

The first sneak peak is of upcoming new arena its kinda based on snow theme.Frozen Peak unlocks at 2300 Trophies!.

2.Four New Cards: 

Next sneak peak is of four new cards one os them is taken from clash of clans that is bowler and other 3 are totally new.2 of them is legendary and 1 is common that is ice spirit.

The two new legendary cards are the Log and The Lumberjack its pretty intersection to look how it works ! I think log will work similar to arrow taking out all the troops in front of it.

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And the 3 Sneak peak is that we already discussed that is Tournaments Coming On Clash Royale Next Update [Sneak Peak]

Stay tuned for more new sneak peaks.