Saturday, 1 October 2016

[Fix] Error 102 on Clash Royale in Android and iOS


If you are Receiving Error 102 while opening clash royale on your device it can be Android Device or Apple iPhone iOS device. So how to fix error 102 while adding account to another device.You might get error something like this.


You can solve the error very easily.Before proceeding, make sure you have both devices on hand, and give these steps a go: 

#How to Fix Error 102 on Clash Royale

1. Verify that both devices are on the same network (preferably using strong Wi-Fi access, 3G or 4G aren’t as reliable). 

2. Attempt the process using a different Wi-Fi network (a cafĂ©, library, school, friend’s home, or wherever it’s the strongest) 

3. Turn one of your device’s into a Wi-Fi hotspot > tether the other device to the hotspot and try again 

This should do the trick. If not, please feel free to contact Player Support with your account information and we’ll do our best to help.