Monday, 30 January 2017



Introduces the new arena: The Jungle Arena

Supercell Followers And Clash Lovers A Great News For You That Supercell Has Introduced The Jungle Arena In The Clash Royale: The Vedio Game Powered With Android. There Are Now 11 No. Of Total arenas Present In The Clash Royale Including The clash Royale. This Can Be Unlocked When The Player Gains 2600 Cups In Fighting Between The Players Of The world And Last Till 3000 Cups As After That The Player Goes Off For The Legendary Arena Which actually Doesn't Unlock Any Of The Troop Card But Enables You To purchase The Premium Pack For the Premium Rare cards which Unlock The superior Heroes for Your attack. As well As we Have The New Arena,The New cards Were Introduced Too-Described Below In the Next Section.

The New Troops OR The New Cards:

The New cards Means More Fun. You Will Like The Update Because Of This reason Only. The New Troops are More Stronger And Can Be Upgraded Higher Than The Others. The New Troop Include:-


You All Can Use this Card From The jungle arena When Unlocked. It Deploys 6 Goblins such That 3 are The Ranged Attacker And Remaining Are The melee Attacker (Spear Goblins And Goblins). Actually The Goblins Are deployed In Front And The Spear Goblin Behind Them, So That You Can Count On It, There Speed Are As Fast As Goblins. This Troop Card Costs For 3 Elixir Its An Affordable Price I Think To deploy These kinds Of Troop.

# Dart Goblin

Just Don't Misjudge This card by Its Name As Many People Thinks Off That a Goblin Can not Battle Against The Enemies. This Card Change ur mind towards The Real Power Of A dart Goblin. Speed For This Troop Is Very Fast it Cannot Be Tracked Off By The Arrows, This troop Is also Unlocked At The Jungle Arena, he Takes Down The Single target With max Damage. The Dart Goblin Range is similar To That of  A Royal Giant Which is 6.5 tiles The defenders Can Undoubtedly Depend On This It takes just 3 elixir to Be deployed And This Can Take Both Air And Ground Target.

#The Executioner

Its the Next troop Card Which We Can Unlock At Arena 9 (Jungle Arena). Its The Epic Card Which Have An Epic Power to Throw His Axe Like A  Boomerang Which In Turn Hit The Enemy And comes back It Deals With A High damage At a Ranged Level, The axe Cause a Severe Damage in The Form Of An Area splash, Its axe cause The Damage Twice To The enemy One When It Hits And Second When It Comes Back. It Costs for 5 elixir whcih Can Be Affordable for an Epic card.

#Battle Ram

This is a new card introduced in this update, this can be unlocked at arena 6(Builder's workshop). This card contain the power of the barbarians as two of them hold a log with the pointed end which is smashed at the opponents castle causing a lot of damage then thw log will broken and dissapeared leaving the two barbarians which start attack normally as all barbarians do. Like a prince or dark prince it gets charged to its target Which Increases Its Speed. This card Costs For 4 elixir 

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