Monday, 20 February 2017

A Full Guide About The Miner Clash Royale


The miner fills in as a scaled down tank. We most likely all know the miner does diminished harm to crown towers, so utilizing it as a harm merchant isn't the best of choices. The miner is for the most part used to occupy for high dps managing units that are quick and can immediately shred a tower if left disregarded. Now and again, miner will be utilized as a chip harm merchant, yet with its little crown tower harm, it isn't the best of moves.  
In Short: Miner is MAINLY (with exemptions) utilized as a smaller than normal tank for high dps units.  

Reasons why miner is so awesome  

- Gets 99% ensured chip harm  
- Can be put into a wide range of prime examples  
- ATM an exceptionally adjusted amazing card, so no normal nerfs or buffs at any point in the near future!  
- Can truly be lethal when failing for high dps troops in light of the fact that numerous protections depend on the tower assisting, which won't be accessible if it's as of now bolted on the digger  
- In many cases, gives heaps of quick gameplay  
- Works awesome in both stepping stool decks and competition decks.  

Legendaries that Compliment the Miner well  

A great deal of digger decks are amazing overwhelming (however one of my fundamental stepping stool decks just uses the miner as an incredible) so I chose to make a rundown of unbelievable cards that function admirably with miner going from best on the top and up to the most noticeably bad at the base of the rundown. Likewise, look at the guide on purchasing legendaries and the best incredible card here:  
- Princess  
- The Log  
- Lava Hound  
- Graveyard  
- Lumberjack  
- Ice Wizard  
- Inferno Dragon  
- Electro Wizard  
- Sparky  

The most effective method to NOT utilize the Miner  

- Using the miner as a primary cautious device  
- Using the miner as a solitary harm merchant  
- Using the miner as a tank executioner  
- Using the miner on hard hitting units like smaller than usual pekka, logger, or first class brutes  
- Placing miner in favor of the tower that is nearer to the lord tower everytime (This'll cause both towers to target it)  
- Trying to take out the lord tower with miner (unless you're trolling)  
- Using miner on cottages IF you have better responses to them  
- Using miner to tank for low danger cards, for example, 1 mixture skeletons or ice golem 

Nuts and bolts/Fundamentals of the Miner  

- The digger costs 3 remedy  
- He can be set anyplace in the field  
- The digger goes about as a small scale tank  
- The digger does 512 harm to a tower at competition models, 19 harm more than a competition standard rocket  
- Always concentrate first on what the digger is failing for, then if conceivable, counter the miner  
- The miner is a solitary target skirmish troop, so it is powerless to swarm units.  
- Miner is normally set to the side of the tower a long way from the ruler tower or at the back of the tower.  
- Only utilize miner on barrier if there should arise an occurrence of crisis  
- Miner works awesome with high dps swarms on offense  

The Psychological Aspect of the Miner  

Utilizing and confronting the miner resembles a mind amusement now and again. You need to think about where the adversary will play the digger, how the miner client will put it himself, miner on mixture pumps, and notwithstanding sending an expectation digger to take out a troop that would counter what the miner is failing for (e.g. miner cronies combo, if the rival knows the adversary will utilize princess to counter the flunkies, he/she can send the digger to the spot where the rival no doubt will play the princess)  
Conclusion: Miner position is the fundamental mental part of the miner  

How the Miner fits into Different Deck Archetypes  

The digger is most usually found in chip cycle decks. Be that as it may, it is entirely normal in three musketeer decks, control decks, hoard decks, and spell snare decks as well. Here is a rundown of each model the digger fits into  
Chip/Fast Cycle: The most widely recognized one. Here, miner goes about as a smaller than normal tank for consistent little pushes that gradually wear down the tower.  
Control Decks: Here the miner, consolidated with a spell in alot of cases (toxin, lightning, rocket) acts as the primary harm merchant, it can likewise go about as a smaller than normal tank for the troops you used to guard with (Remember: Control decks are truly cautious)  
Beatdown: Here, you can utilize the digger in three ways  
- to go about as a chip harm merchant as the tank secures the miner+other bolster troops  
- to go about as a little tank for little chip pushes when not attempting to snowball your adversary  
- For split path influencing (assaulting both paths to weight your rival to protect which one) 
Three Muskies cycle: To go about as a tank/scaled down tank for one side of the split muskies (on the off chance that you split them) 
Spell Bait: Acts as a scaled down tank for spellable swarm units that can do monstrous harm (e.g. gob barrel, follower swarm, skeleton armed force), particularly if the counter(s) to these troops are goaded out.  

Miner Tournament/Challenges versus Ladder  

By and large, the miner demonstrates to better in competitions/challenges because of the way that the miner's moderate chip harm demonstrates much valuable in competitions/challenges with the aggregate 6 minute length instead of the 4 minute length in stepping stool. Nonetheless, miner is awesome in both circumstances as digger isn't a card that depends much on leveling and the miner isn't normally utilized as a harm merchant and can likewise give quick paced gameplay, incredible for stepping stool!  

Basic Offensive Strategies with the Miner  

The hostile playstyle of the miner is failing for a high dps troop while giving some chip harm from the digger at the sametime. Utilizing the miner on offense changes in view of the deck model you're utilizing him in.  
In control, you wanna play protectively then counterpush from the safeguard or gradually chip out the tower with an miner combo'd by a spell (lightning, rocket, or toxic substance)  
In beatdown, you wanna utilize the digger for chip while tank ensures it and some other bolster cards (e.g. musketeer, wizard, witch, and so on.).  
In spell trap it goes about as a smaller than expected tank for spellable units, however the rival bedeviled out the counter spell on another unit  
In three musketeers, it tanks for the musketeer(s) on one path while the other path is typically ensured with another smaller than normal tank/tank (knight, ice golem, goliath, and so forth.)  
The digger has numerous hostile capacities which all rely on upon the model of the miner deck, regardless of whether it is control, beatdown, or more! In any case, the most widely recognized miner decks are the convention miner cycle the same number of cards in those decks combo the digger well. So what are those cards? Here they are:  
- Fire spirits  
- Goblins  
- Spear Goblins  
Minion Horde  
- Musketeer  
- Elite Barbarians  
- Hog Rider  
- Three Musketeers  
- Goblin Barrel  
- Lumberjack  
These are the more regular combos with miner, there are some other fatal ones here.  
- Ice Wizard  
- Archers  
- Electro Wizard  
- Prince (Including dim)  
- Skeleton Army  
- Guards  
- Ice spirit  
Any harm managing unit can represent a risk when a miner is failing for it. These are recently the more regular ones you see on a routinely premise. Cards, for example, wizard, witch, plane, and brutes are cases of phenomenal cards in digger decks yet work awesome when an miner is failing for them  

Miner's Defensive Capabilities: When to utilize the Miner on Defense  

Since the miner can be put anyplace in the field, it isn't the best methodology to reliably utilize him on resistance on the off chance that you need to utilize the card to its fullest potential. Be that as it may, in a dominant part of circumstances, it is constantly best to shield with whatever you have. In the event that they have a push coming your direction and you have nothing for protection with the exception of a miner. NEVER dither to utilize it. A guarded digger is viewed as terrible, be that as it may I would rather you protect and safeguard from a few or no harm at all as opposed to take a pack of harm that could without much of a stretch cost you the diversion. Keep in mind The best offense is a decent guard.  
On guard, you wouldn't generally wanna utilize it on a tank unless you have no other decision. The best cooperations with a miner on barrier is versus gone bolster units, for example, witch, musketeer, wizard, aircraft, and so on. The digger can take these troops out all alone. Another reason this is awesome is on account of in the event that you have a tank push coming your direction, and you don't have anything for the bolster troops, a great safeguard is a tank executioner for the tank then utilizing the miner to murder/hold off the support troop(s).  
A digger can likewise essentially diminish harm from a hoard rider in the event that you have no other cautious alternatives. A solitary hoard rider can nearly take out a tower at competition benchmarks, managing 264 harm for 9 add up to shots before it ceases to exist, managing 2376 harm to the tower. A miner lessens that to 3 shots, or 792 harm add up to. So don't delay to miner a hoard if there is no other choice.  
Another speedy protection tip with miner: For a NEGATIVE mixture exchange, a miner+fireball can wipe out solitary world class savages.  

Miner Placement Strategy: Both Miner on Tower and Miner on Elixir Pump 

Digger arrangement is a major some portion of playing the miner and the principle mental part of the miner. Take a gander at this record for digger arrangement.  
A fast entirety up, while minering a tower, you most more often than not would wanna put it to the external side of the tower or at the back of the tower. Putting the miner on the internal side of the tower brings about creating the other tower to target it, decreasing the harm of the miner significantly. You wanna now and again switch up miner arrangements to trap your adversary. Put the miner in uncommon spots when needing important chip harm.  

Step by step instructions to Counter the Miner: Common Counters and Understanding what to Counter in and when to Counter a Miner/Miner Push 

 The Miner at competition principles gets 8 shots on the tower. In this manner, at competition guidelines, a digger does 8*64 harm to the tower, or 512 harm altogether. As should be obvious, the digger took off alone accomplishes more harm than a competition standard rocket so leaving it be everytime isn't the best of thoughts. Be that as it may, the miner can be once in a while taken off alone however not generally (particularly when your tower is in basic hp 
An miner for the most part isn't sent alone. The miner's principle part is to go about as a small scale tank. In this manner, it will most likely be failing for some kind of high dps troop. Those troops have a tendency to be the genuine danger in a miner push. In practically every circumstance where the adversary sends a miner push, you will need to first guard whatever the miner is failing for, then assault the digger in the event that you can keep up a solution advantage or can't bear the cost of the chip harm. Alternately else abandon it.  

Normal counters and counters that offer the most incentive against the miner are minimal effort swarm units like gatekeepers, trolls, skeleton armed force, and the soon-to-come troll pack. The following best counters are glass guns, for example, knight, little pekka, logger, tip top savages, and so on. On the off chance that you must choose between limited options, you can utilize genuinely costly overwhelming harm managing units, for example, savages or flunky swarm to counter the miner. In the event that you have locates on a solid counterpush, you cards that can compliment the counterpush well while protecting an miner. In case you're hoping to relieve some harm from the miner with shabby troops, cronies, skeletons, ice spirit, and fire spirits all do well.  
Anticipating miner situation is a major key. You will need to attempt to make sense of where your rival will put the miner. Talented digger players will play the miner in various areas, making anticipating it intense. On the off chance that you can't manage the cost of any chip harm from the digger, you will need to take a stab at finding an example in your adversaries miner arrangement if conceivable. On the off chance that your rival plays miner in a similar spot again and again, you ought to know where to put your troop to counter it next time he/she sends a digger.  

The Miner all through the Meta  

The miner, when it first turned out wasn't a decent card to many individuals. Just talented players saw the potential in the miner (most outstanding being boss congratulatory gesture's truly old video on miner mirror=broken). After the buff, the miner increased some OK regard. You saw Royale Giant Miner, Hog Miner, Miner Cycle, Classical Payfecta, and Lava-Miner.  
 After miner began being regarded more. You always observed the exceptionally unbelievable overwhelming, irritating payfecta being utilized wherever from legend 

I trust this guide has extraordinarily helped you with seeing how to play and counter the excavator! (Tho I'm almost certain the vast majority of you ceased after the principal passage, lol I would as well). The digger however really is an extraordinary card! In case you're setting something aside for an unbelievable in shop, then consider purchasing the miner! See you in the field!