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Clash Of Clans Best Attacking Strategy


Clash of Clans is a freemium versatile MMO technique computer game created and distributed by Supercell. The diversion was discharged for iOS stages on August 2, 2012, and on Google Play for Android on October 7, 2013. Clash of Clans errands players to construct their own particular town utilizing the assets picked up from assaulting different players through the diversion's battling highlights. The fundamental assets are gold, remedy and dim mixture. Players can conjoin to make tribes, gatherings of up to fifty individuals who can then share in Clan Wars together, give and get troops, and chat with each other. Clash of Clans was discharged to positive surveys, collecting high appraisals from numerous faultfinders. Numerous analysts enjoyed Clash of Clan's gameplay, however some loathed the way the freemium model was exhibited. An energized web enlivened arrangement was communicate on Clash of Clans YouTube channel named as Clash-A-Rama identified with the Clash Universe. 

Today we are going To give you the best attacking strategy for town hall 8 and beyond that

Clash of Clans Clan War Attack Strategy Guide – Best Attack

  • Suggested Army Composition: 10x Dragon  
  • Legends: Barbarian King, as high as level as could be expected under the circumstances  
  • Spells: 2x Rage Spell + 1x Healing Spell, 3x Rage Spell, or 3x Lightning Spell  
  • Family Castle Units: 1x Dragon (if conceivable); generally Archers or Wizards.  

At the point when to Use and Expected Success: Use against adversary TH8 players. It might be difficult to 3-star a completely maxed TH8 with an insightful base outline, however this procedure will have the capacity to 3-star low-mid TH8 players or even abnormal state TH8s with uncovered Air Defense towers. Can likewise often 2-star low TH9s with poor air resistance decisions. Once in for a short time can 3-star hurried TH9 players with under-leveled and over-uncovered Air Defense towers.  
 The most productive approach to assaulting in Clan Wars at TH8 as I would like to think is to utilize a full armed force of Dragons. In the event that you can get another Dragon in the Clan Castle, surprisingly better. The higher the level of your Dragons, the more successful your assault will be. It should be possible with level 1 Dragons, yet level 3 Dragons will expand your assaulting alternatives. I incline toward the 2x Rage Spell + 1x Healing Spell approach. Be that as it may, a few players lean toward 3x Rage Spells. Both are viable. As an option technique, 3x Lightning Spells can be utilized to wreck an Air Defense tower. The Lightning Spell technique just works better when there is only a solitary abnormal state Air Defense tower in the focal point of the base while whatever remains of the Air Defense towers are much lower level or simple to reach with an assault. 


While this armed force may appear to be exceptionally costly (10x Dragons run 300k to 360k Elixir relying upon level while commonplace targets just pay out 200k-290k remedy), comprehend that at Town Hall 8, solution is by a wide margin your most bounteous asset. You require a great deal more Gold and Dark Elixir than you require Elixir; Clan Wars make the ideal outlet for this overabundance remedy.

How to Attack

Utilizing Dragons does really require a touch of methodology. On the off chance that you put your Dragons ineffectively, the assault won't work by any stretch of the imagination. You have three things you have to consider while setting your Dragons: Annihilating foe Air Defense towers; Ensuring your Dragons concentrate on the focal point of the base, instead of pursuing non-protective structures along the edge of the base; Crushing adversary Clan Castle units.  
Air Defense Towers  

 Crushing the adversary's Air Defense towers is your top need when utilizing Dragons. These towers (alongside Clan Castle units) are the main protection your rival has against Dragons. Once the Air Defense towers are down, your Dragons will have free rule against the adversary's base. Attempt to position the side you assault the adversary in view of which Air Defense towers will be most straightforward to reach. In the event that there is an Air Defense tower or two towards the focal point of the base, spare your spells for when your Dragons draw near to the tower. This will guarantee the Dragons rapidly take out the tower(s) before taking a lot of harm.   

Ensuring Dragons Attack What Counts  

 The most noticeably bad thing that can occur with your Dragon assault is for the Dragons to get pulled to border structures. In the event that your Dragons simply take after the edge of the foe's base while assaulting Barracks, Army Camps, and asset authorities, you are stuck in an unfortunate situation. The most ideal approach to keep this from happening is to first utilize a couple of units to clear some of these border structures before dropping the main part of your Dragons.  
Ordinarily, the Barbarian King and a solitary Dragon will work for this reason. In the event that you choose you need to assault the foe from the upper east side. These units will then clear 20%-30% of edge structures before passing on. This guarantees when you drop your residual Dragons, they are not attracted out to the border and rather concentrate on focal structures.   

Faction Castle Units  

With most base designs, you can trigger the Clan Castle by dropping a solitary Dragon. In any case, with a full Dragon armed force, it is not simple to draw Clan Castle units far away.  
Luckily, there is a way we can really use Clan Castle units further bolstering our good fortune. As opposed to attempting to draw them out, once Clan Castle units pop, we can drop the vast majority of our Dragons (no less than 5) and permit the Dragons to pursue the Clan Castle units profound into the foe's base. Regularly captivating Clan Castle units in the focal point of the base is a debacle, however Dragons bargain sprinkle harm. As the Dragons take out Clan Castle units, they will take out adversary structures in the meantime.  
In a perfect world, you will drop your Healing Spell on your Dragons when they begin to connect with the Clan Castle troops. This will help invalidate the impacts of high-quality Clan Castle units like Wizards. Moreover, your Dragons are likely not to move around much amid this time, ensuring they get the full advantage of the mending spell. You may need to drop a Rage Spell on top of the Healing Spell to manage Wizards, particularly if your Dragons are likewise in scope of an Air Defense tower.  
Wizards in some cases display a noteworthy issue to players utilizing Dragons. On the off chance that your Dragons bunch up, a couple of Wizards can take out the majority of your Dragons in almost no time. The key is to never drop your Dragons on a similar tile. On the off chance that you drop 9 Dragons, put around 1 tile of space in the middle of every Dragon. Mythical beasts are flying units, so they can all be assaulting a similar structure while not involving a similar tile space. This essentially decreases the quality of Wizards against Dragons, as it guarantees the Wizard's assault just hits 1 Dragon at any given moment.  

Completing the Attack  

When you have picked the suitable place to assault, got out some border structures, and managed Clan Castle units, there is not much left to do but rather kick back and watch your Dragons clear the guide. Make certain to drop any outstanding Dragons in a manner that they head towards either the foe's Town Hall (if things are not searching useful for a 3 star clear) or so that the Dragons head towards any residual Air Defense towers (on the off chance that you have an opportunity to 3 star).  
 Utilize your outstanding Rage Spell(s) on Dragons that are assaulting a bunch of high-wellbeing structures, similar to the Town Hall or capacity structures. While a bunch of Gold and Elixir stockpiling structures won't not appear to be debilitating, the high HP number of these structures can hang up Dragons for quite a while. On the off chance that the Dragons are under flame from adversary towers while getting out capacity structures, it can be helpful to drop a Rage Spell to take out these high wellbeing structures so the Dragons can proceed onward to the towers. 

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