Saturday, 4 February 2017

Why Should We Consider Clash Royale over Clash of Clans


Know Why should You Choose To Play Clash Royale Over Clash Of Clans

As we can see that both the games were created and published by the supercell, and both were featured equally by the supercell, But still the gamers like clash of clans most over the clsh royale but many who have played clash royale consider This game is less time consuming and its very addictive to u and can ruin ur studies. For Clash royale i think its the best game to play, you cant be engaged in it for more than 1 hr, which will make your eyes set on rest and actually clash royale updates are interesting and attract your interest in that game. As you look towards clash of clans interface the update the battle time or fix bugs and only one or two updates will come In which u get a new town hall.

# Stuff you All like About the Game

 Clash Royale as many people talk about is not a copy of clash  clans Though it is brought up in the market of gaming by  supercell the creater of clash of clans. As many features of the  game Clash Royale is similar to one of  clash of clans but it  will tastes you differently. The game features for attacking and  defending which is still differ by clash of clans on that game  you have to make some shitty bases which you need to mantain  for all of your gaming life so that nobody can steel it and many  people seem not to play clash of clans for this function only as  they cant understand the game plan for the game and still if you  got to know how to maintain your village then the another  problem pops up like the building time for the defenses. so its  more time consuming game where you have to take hold of  everything in that game whereas clash royale the freemium  game which doesent have any village to built even that small    children can play the game very easily and can understood its  interface easily. in this just you have to collect cards from  chests, the more you get the cards the more you can upgrade  your troops. Get more to Know.

Whats New Added.

#The Conclusion 

For me clash royale is the best to play if u love strategy type games even though some people consider clash of can instead of playing clash royale due to war tournaments and for more troop but its a game where you ahve to spend a day whithout blinking off your eyes than only you climb up but in the clash royale its more than enough to play for an hour and make your eyes set on rest. The interface for clash of clans is poor than that of clash royale. Many More things you got tu learn about this game so just stay tuned and follow the links on this page.