Sunday, 2 April 2017

Clash OF Clans : The cheap and Best army For Clash of Clans To Push Trophies And For Loot, Apk


With every New Update supercell gives us the best experience of playing clash of clans and with every update the game becomes better and hard too so, we are here to help you with your attacking army strategy. With this special army built for TH 7 And TH 8 you can win and push your league every player you see in the masters league has tried this and rated one of the best army plan to push trophies and to raise your elixir and coins. This is personally tested by me so guys eventually i Didnt name this type of army You Can keep your name which suits you and your army. This is the best army plan ever i had, the best army strategy of 2017.

 # About The Army Plan '

This army is for TH 8 Players Who Are struggling for trophies and much of loot. I can ensure you that if you attack with this plan step by step correctly with your troops then you definitely 3 star any th 8. This Army Costs 181,000 Elixir. 

This Army consists of :

1. Giants- Giants are the most adorable troop for this army you need 20 of that to make that attack succeed  

2. The Wizards-  Wizards are Also the most essential role playing troop for this type of army also this troop gives a flashy damage behind the giants. You Need 20 Of That For this attack

3. The Archers- This also plays a vital role for this type of attack and you need 20 of that too 

4. The Healing Spell- Withot this you can not with stand in the battle ground If you need to three star a base you need this spell on your troops. You Need Three Of them For this attack

# How To Attack

First of all look for the weakest point in the opponents base then See for the giant bomb if you think that the giant bomb is there then drop one archer near that to check so that it can be exploded by one of your archers and your giants are saved then drop 20 of the giants at a point where you like followed by the archer so that other than defense buildings near them can be destroyed so that when you deploy wiz and barbarian king they goes in the walls rather than spreading out on the base once the wiz in the walls of the enemy base then keep a look on them and drop healing spells time to time to make them healed. Then BOOOOOM!!!! You Win That Attack for sure and can three star that base but keep one thing in mind that to follow steps correctly and practice more before you can try this at your war. ENJOY......

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